All Cities

AachenGermany54.3 mbps8.7 mbps18 ms1.05 %
AalborgDenmark83.3 mbps22.4 mbps30 ms0.22 %
AarhusDenmark56.6 mbps23.6 mbps16 ms1.19 %
AbbotsfordCanada105.6 mbps36.9 mbps12 ms1.09 %
AberdeenUnited Kingdom33.4 mbps7.4 mbps44 ms4.10 %
AbileneUnited States103.1 mbps20.8 mbps16 ms1.01 %
Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates10.6 mbps8.0 mbps232 ms6.83 %
AbujaNigeria5.6 mbps1.4 mbps36 ms10.89 %
AccraGhana6.9 mbps3.3 mbps202 ms4.48 %
AdanaTurkey7.5 mbps2.7 mbps96 ms6.50 %
Addis AbabaEthiopia2.5 mbps1.7 mbps166 ms1.47 %
AdelaideAustralia30.2 mbps7.0 mbps31 ms1.67 %
AgadirMorocco6.2 mbps0.6 mbps63 ms3.34 %
AgraIndia13.7 mbps2.1 mbps33 ms2.22 %
AguascalientesMexico19.0 mbps4.6 mbps75 ms5.53 %
AhmedabadIndia13.8 mbps3.2 mbps45 ms3.66 %
AjaccioFrance41.1 mbps34.0 mbps34 ms1.99 %
AlanyaTurkey27.9 mbps5.9 mbps88 ms1.66 %
AlbanyUnited States77.8 mbps10.2 mbps18 ms1.30 %
AlbuquerqueUnited States45.8 mbps5.7 mbps34 ms2.22 %
AlexandriaEgypt5.7 mbps0.8 mbps117 ms6.34 %
AlgiersAlgeria3.2 mbps0.8 mbps77 ms3.83 %
AlicanteSpain89.2 mbps53.1 mbps15 ms1.35 %
AligarhIndia17.1 mbps3.3 mbps37 ms2.53 %
AllentownUnited States126.6 mbps17.8 mbps11 ms1.88 %
AlmatyKazakhstan6.2 mbps2.3 mbps302 ms5.71 %
AmalfiItaly16.8 mbps4.9 mbps58 ms2.92 %
AmarilloUnited States110.7 mbps23.6 mbps22 ms1.09 %
AmmanJordan10.4 mbps6.4 mbps119 ms0.93 %
AmritsarIndia24.9 mbps11.0 mbps26 ms4.23 %
AmsterdamNetherlands69.5 mbps16.2 mbps9 ms0.51 %
AnchorageUnited States51.7 mbps9.0 mbps45 ms2.42 %
AndersonUnited States72.3 mbps10.5 mbps19 ms0.74 %
Andorra la VellaAndorra31.5 mbps9.5 mbps23 ms2.12 %
AnkaraTurkey8.0 mbps2.7 mbps88 ms5.53 %
Ann ArborUnited States93.2 mbps11.7 mbps15 ms0.86 %
AnnecyFrance36.6 mbps30.1 mbps33 ms2.39 %
AntalyaTurkey10.4 mbps3.6 mbps94 ms5.86 %
AntananarivoMadagascar5.8 mbps0.6 mbps19 ms0.71 %
Antigua GuatemalaGuatemala11.2 mbps1.6 mbps83 ms9.44 %
AntofagastaChile51.4 mbps10.9 mbps45 ms1.88 %
AntwerpBelgium49.0 mbps11.6 mbps14 ms1.26 %
AnyangChina42.4 mbps10.6 mbps81 ms1.21 %
AnápolisBrazil35.6 mbps17.8 mbps31 ms3.56 %
Ao NangThailand90.8 mbps52.5 mbps39 ms0.90 %
ApiaSamoa0.1 mbps0.1 mbps935 ms13.83 %
Apple ValleyUnited States84.1 mbps36.9 mbps8 ms1.95 %
AppletonUnited States82.2 mbps10.6 mbps15 ms0.55 %
ArendalNorway67.6 mbps57.5 mbps16 ms1.19 %
ArequipaPeru14.1 mbps6.8 mbps94 ms6.37 %
ArnhemNetherlands64.7 mbps28.0 mbps10 ms1.69 %
AsansolIndia8.7 mbps1.9 mbps130 ms3.41 %
AshevilleUnited States106.3 mbps10.9 mbps19 ms0.38 %
AshlandUnited States84.9 mbps9.9 mbps30 ms0.92 %
AsmaraEritrea1.3 mbps0.8 mbps256 ms11.91 %
AthensGreece22.6 mbps4.4 mbps15 ms1.95 %
AtlantaUnited States61.7 mbps9.0 mbps12 ms0.37 %
AuburnUnited States50.6 mbps7.7 mbps21 ms1.42 %
AucklandNew Zealand55.5 mbps25.4 mbps5 ms0.45 %
AugustaUnited States84.0 mbps10.6 mbps16 ms1.08 %
AurangabadIndia19.1 mbps9.0 mbps34 ms5.86 %
AuroraUnited States96.2 mbps11.1 mbps9 ms0.45 %
AustinUnited States88.5 mbps11.3 mbps14 ms0.70 %
AveiroPortugal53.4 mbps25.8 mbps24 ms1.79 %
AvellinoItaly30.2 mbps5.4 mbps60 ms2.14 %
AvignonFrance43.8 mbps38.4 mbps27 ms2.19 %
AyutthayaThailand76.1 mbps36.9 mbps32 ms1.30 %
BaghdadIraq6.2 mbps4.5 mbps146 ms10.50 %
BahawalpurPakistan2.0 mbps1.1 mbps354 ms16.91 %
BakersfieldUnited States95.2 mbps11.4 mbps13 ms2.27 %
BakuAzerbaijan2.6 mbps1.1 mbps101 ms10.96 %
BaltimoreUnited States34.8 mbps5.7 mbps25 ms0.27 %
BamakoMali3.9 mbps2.5 mbps196 ms3.59 %
Bandar Seri BegawanBrunei15.3 mbps7.5 mbps78 ms4.62 %
BandungIndonesia9.4 mbps5.0 mbps24 ms5.55 %
BanffCanada54.0 mbps8.0 mbps32 ms1.75 %
Bang BonThailand11.5 mbps5.0 mbps44 ms11.07 %
Bang Bua ThongThailand140.1 mbps43.2 mbps30 ms0.84 %
Bang LamungThailand73.7 mbps37.6 mbps32 ms1.76 %
BangkokThailand17.8 mbps9.4 mbps38 ms5.07 %
BanjulGambia5.4 mbps0.8 mbps126 ms0.77 %
BanskoBulgaria15.6 mbps3.3 mbps28 ms11.03 %
BaodingChina12.2 mbps1.5 mbps322 ms5.26 %
BaotouChina5.2 mbps0.1 mbps167 ms1.51 %
BarMontenegro37.6 mbps2.2 mbps6 ms0.53 %
BarcelonaSpain75.2 mbps33.5 mbps22 ms1.04 %
BareillyIndia9.8 mbps1.3 mbps41 ms0.73 %
BariItaly38.5 mbps11.0 mbps64 ms1.24 %
BarilocheArgentina4.7 mbps0.7 mbps84 ms7.83 %
BarranquillaColombia14.8 mbps7.3 mbps76 ms5.07 %
BarrieCanada80.8 mbps10.7 mbps17 ms0.39 %
BaselSwitzerland62.1 mbps12.4 mbps38 ms0.89 %
Basse-TerreGuadeloupe5.8 mbps0.6 mbps128 ms8.53 %
BathUnited Kingdom36.8 mbps9.2 mbps11 ms1.44 %
Baton RougeUnited States95.0 mbps8.6 mbps16 ms2.31 %
Battle CreekUnited States49.9 mbps8.1 mbps25 ms0.85 %
BatumiGeorgia13.8 mbps8.3 mbps76 ms8.20 %
BeaconUnited States137.6 mbps19.0 mbps12 ms1.38 %
BeaumontUnited States85.2 mbps11.5 mbps16 ms0.99 %
BeavertonUnited States119.6 mbps17.5 mbps10 ms1.19 %
BedfordUnited States72.3 mbps9.7 mbps18 ms1.07 %
BeershebaIsrael0.6 mbps1.0 mbps116 ms32.86 %
BeijingChina11.1 mbps4.0 mbps315 ms6.89 %
BeirutLebanon2.0 mbps0.8 mbps105 ms7.03 %
BelemBrazil13.9 mbps11.1 mbps73 ms9.61 %
BelfastUnited Kingdom42.7 mbps9.9 mbps32 ms3.77 %
BelgradeSerbia30.7 mbps7.7 mbps8 ms1.89 %
Belize CityBelize15.7 mbps9.0 mbps86 ms4.61 %
BellevueUnited States105.4 mbps9.4 mbps10 ms1.08 %
BellinghamUnited States108.6 mbps7.6 mbps13 ms1.41 %
Belo HorizonteBrazil21.2 mbps8.4 mbps46 ms1.67 %
BendUnited States84.9 mbps9.4 mbps15 ms2.42 %
BengaluruIndia28.5 mbps6.2 mbps26 ms2.33 %
BenghaziLibya2.8 mbps1.3 mbps120 ms7.24 %
Benin CityNigeria13.6 mbps1.9 mbps46 ms16.12 %
BergenNorway54.9 mbps30.1 mbps17 ms1.26 %
BerlinGermany41.3 mbps8.5 mbps22 ms1.37 %
BernSwitzerland51.2 mbps12.8 mbps14 ms0.08 %
BethlehemUnited States80.9 mbps14.5 mbps14 ms1.76 %
BhopalIndia18.1 mbps4.1 mbps64 ms5.08 %
BhubaneswarIndia16.1 mbps2.5 mbps77 ms3.17 %
BiarritzFrance50.7 mbps13.6 mbps38 ms1.74 %
BielefeldGermany47.4 mbps8.7 mbps19 ms1.08 %
BilbaoSpain33.3 mbps12.5 mbps31 ms1.20 %
BillingsUnited States59.1 mbps9.1 mbps44 ms0.83 %
BirminghamUnited Kingdom41.6 mbps8.7 mbps11 ms1.25 %
BirminghamUnited States71.9 mbps9.5 mbps25 ms0.76 %
BishkekKyrgyzstan7.3 mbps3.1 mbps276 ms8.31 %
BismarckUnited States90.5 mbps11.9 mbps45 ms3.16 %
BloomingtonUnited States80.7 mbps11.7 mbps18 ms1.39 %
Bocas del ToroPanama4.0 mbps0.6 mbps132 ms12.75 %
BodrumTurkey0.6 mbps0.6 mbps89 ms3.74 %
BogotáColombia23.5 mbps8.7 mbps84 ms4.74 %
BoiseUnited States55.5 mbps10.1 mbps19 ms3.53 %
BolognaItaly35.1 mbps12.0 mbps19 ms0.45 %
Bonita SpringsUnited States107.6 mbps11.7 mbps11 ms0.39 %
BordeauxFrance72.7 mbps19.4 mbps36 ms1.65 %
Bossier CityUnited States118.0 mbps21.2 mbps21 ms0.80 %
BostonUnited States45.6 mbps6.6 mbps30 ms0.38 %
BoulderUnited States96.2 mbps10.0 mbps9 ms0.38 %
BoumerdasAlgeria10.3 mbps9.3 mbps56 ms30.02 %
BournemouthUnited Kingdom42.2 mbps9.4 mbps12 ms2.08 %
Bowling GreenUnited States78.7 mbps10.3 mbps38 ms0.79 %
BozemanUnited States39.7 mbps8.3 mbps49 ms2.75 %
BradentonUnited States108.3 mbps11.1 mbps20 ms1.58 %
BragaPortugal63.1 mbps34.1 mbps23 ms1.29 %
BramptonCanada90.3 mbps12.3 mbps17 ms0.39 %
BrasovRomania34.1 mbps12.7 mbps33 ms0.54 %
BratislavaSlovakia20.5 mbps6.0 mbps30 ms1.45 %
BredaNetherlands79.1 mbps25.3 mbps11 ms1.66 %
BremenGermany39.9 mbps10.2 mbps15 ms1.21 %
BrentwoodUnited States126.9 mbps20.4 mbps11 ms0.84 %
BridgeportUnited States88.1 mbps15.8 mbps12 ms2.08 %
BridgetonUnited States87.2 mbps11.6 mbps13 ms1.00 %
BridgetownBarbados34.8 mbps25.1 mbps120 ms3.94 %
BrightonUnited Kingdom37.2 mbps9.0 mbps11 ms2.06 %
BrisbaneAustralia31.0 mbps7.5 mbps24 ms1.44 %
BristolUnited Kingdom41.0 mbps9.4 mbps12 ms1.79 %
BrnoCzechia37.0 mbps9.9 mbps17 ms2.71 %
BrownsvilleUnited States54.2 mbps6.3 mbps86 ms1.07 %
BrugesBelgium78.8 mbps14.4 mbps15 ms1.10 %
BrusselsBelgium43.2 mbps10.2 mbps14 ms1.57 %
BryanUnited States68.8 mbps11.2 mbps15 ms0.79 %
BucaramangaColombia25.2 mbps8.9 mbps64 ms4.13 %
BucharestRomania17.4 mbps7.3 mbps29 ms4.11 %
BudapestHungary43.1 mbps10.5 mbps19 ms0.69 %
BudvaMontenegro20.4 mbps4.9 mbps4 ms2.34 %
Buenos AiresArgentina24.1 mbps8.1 mbps10 ms0.88 %
BuffaloUnited States80.6 mbps9.9 mbps34 ms1.16 %
BurgasBulgaria36.4 mbps21.7 mbps35 ms4.38 %
BurlingtonUnited States96.2 mbps11.2 mbps20 ms1.02 %
BursaTurkey8.6 mbps2.3 mbps84 ms5.07 %
BusanSouth Korea20.0 mbps15.7 mbps91 ms7.85 %
Byron BayAustralia25.2 mbps12.1 mbps20 ms1.34 %
Cabo San LucasMexico20.5 mbps4.7 mbps80 ms4.02 %
CagliariItaly38.1 mbps14.9 mbps41 ms1.18 %
CairnsAustralia32.6 mbps7.5 mbps41 ms1.23 %
CairoEgypt6.2 mbps1.0 mbps120 ms5.67 %
CalgaryCanada79.1 mbps13.4 mbps35 ms1.42 %
CambridgeUnited Kingdom45.3 mbps9.5 mbps14 ms1.60 %
CampinasBrazil41.1 mbps19.5 mbps11 ms2.10 %
Campo GrandeBrazil26.8 mbps14.5 mbps45 ms2.86 %
Campos dos GoytacazesBrazil35.8 mbps22.3 mbps15 ms2.69 %
CanberraAustralia35.8 mbps11.0 mbps14 ms0.87 %
CancúnMexico21.5 mbps5.8 mbps52 ms5.42 %
CangguIndonesia8.3 mbps8.0 mbps37 ms11.03 %
CannesFrance44.2 mbps31.7 mbps30 ms2.52 %
CantonUnited States78.7 mbps11.1 mbps25 ms0.87 %
Cape CoralUnited States73.5 mbps10.8 mbps13 ms0.43 %
Cape TownSouth Africa20.8 mbps9.5 mbps5 ms2.96 %
CaracasVenezuela3.8 mbps0.9 mbps130 ms8.13 %
CardiffUnited Kingdom45.6 mbps9.9 mbps12 ms1.45 %
CarlsbadUnited States80.5 mbps10.7 mbps15 ms1.03 %
Carson CityUnited States38.4 mbps7.0 mbps37 ms0.78 %
CartagenaColombia23.4 mbps7.3 mbps68 ms4.75 %
Casa GrandeUnited States91.6 mbps7.8 mbps18 ms1.86 %
CasablancaMorocco8.0 mbps0.8 mbps55 ms5.91 %
CasperUnited States62.2 mbps8.7 mbps48 ms0.72 %
Cathedral CityUnited States93.8 mbps9.8 mbps16 ms0.31 %
CayenneFrench Guiana10.1 mbps2.1 mbps159 ms7.97 %
Cedar RapidsUnited States73.9 mbps9.5 mbps23 ms0.76 %
CentennialUnited States698.2 mbps445.0 mbps19 ms5.20 %
ChachapoyasPeru25.5 mbps24.2 mbps55 ms14.66 %
ChamonixFrance5.9 mbps0.5 mbps43 ms4.56 %
ChampaignUnited States115.6 mbps19.3 mbps11 ms1.52 %
ChandigarhIndia29.4 mbps9.4 mbps34 ms4.83 %
ChangchunChina15.2 mbps3.0 mbps165 ms5.35 %
ChangshaChina5.1 mbps3.1 mbps332 ms7.87 %
ChangshuChina13.4 mbps13.5 mbps301 ms5.97 %
ChangzhouChina9.1 mbps0.7 mbps249 ms6.91 %
ChaniaGreece26.6 mbps1.8 mbps18 ms0.96 %
CharlestonUnited States66.9 mbps10.6 mbps32 ms1.30 %
CharlotteUnited States46.0 mbps8.6 mbps41 ms0.26 %
ChathamCanada61.5 mbps10.1 mbps16 ms1.97 %
ChattanoogaUnited States128.6 mbps37.0 mbps13 ms1.10 %
CheltenhamUnited Kingdom43.4 mbps10.0 mbps12 ms1.52 %
ChelyabinskRussia15.4 mbps8.3 mbps77 ms2.06 %
ChengduChina7.5 mbps9.8 mbps348 ms3.97 %
ChennaiIndia25.2 mbps5.8 mbps29 ms1.67 %
CheyenneUnited States47.4 mbps6.0 mbps34 ms0.80 %
Chiang MaiThailand28.5 mbps14.5 mbps87 ms2.83 %
Chiang RaiThailand28.2 mbps13.3 mbps80 ms3.26 %
ChicagoUnited States77.8 mbps10.4 mbps10 ms0.54 %
ChicoUnited States90.0 mbps10.2 mbps15 ms0.42 %
ChifengChina14.5 mbps32.8 mbps199 ms5.91 %
ChisinauMoldova26.5 mbps11.9 mbps30 ms2.12 %
ChittagongBangladesh6.9 mbps6.9 mbps81 ms9.89 %
Chon BuriThailand76.7 mbps31.8 mbps33 ms1.32 %
ChongqingChina6.2 mbps8.6 mbps330 ms6.70 %
ChristchurchNew Zealand61.1 mbps33.0 mbps10 ms0.86 %
CincinnatiUnited States75.4 mbps10.9 mbps23 ms0.61 %
CirebonIndonesia9.4 mbps3.4 mbps25 ms6.98 %
CiutadellaSpain56.6 mbps39.9 mbps19 ms2.23 %
CixiChina2.1 mbps3.1 mbps285 ms23.87 %
ClarksvilleUnited States129.8 mbps21.5 mbps19 ms0.79 %
ClevelandUnited States68.2 mbps9.4 mbps34 ms1.03 %
Cluj-NapocaRomania40.1 mbps10.4 mbps24 ms1.48 %
CochabambaBolivia9.7 mbps5.6 mbps79 ms13.39 %
CodyUnited States53.0 mbps10.9 mbps31 ms2.31 %
Coeur d'AleneUnited States106.3 mbps11.5 mbps19 ms1.13 %
CoimbatoreIndia11.0 mbps2.0 mbps36 ms0.67 %
CoimbraPortugal43.0 mbps24.6 mbps24 ms1.06 %
College StationUnited States105.1 mbps20.3 mbps11 ms1.11 %
CologneGermany34.9 mbps8.2 mbps18 ms1.34 %
ColomboSri Lanka5.1 mbps1.9 mbps200 ms2.76 %
Colorado SpringsUnited States92.7 mbps10.1 mbps10 ms0.68 %
ColumbiaUnited States78.2 mbps10.5 mbps23 ms0.94 %
ColumbusUnited States76.5 mbps10.1 mbps28 ms0.77 %
ConroeUnited States108.9 mbps17.7 mbps14 ms0.69 %
ConstantineAlgeria5.9 mbps0.8 mbps71 ms5.30 %
ConwayUnited States57.8 mbps9.3 mbps27 ms3.17 %
CopenhagenDenmark43.4 mbps12.3 mbps22 ms0.55 %
CorfuGreece14.3 mbps3.1 mbps82 ms1.70 %
CorkIreland38.2 mbps13.6 mbps12 ms1.05 %
Corpus ChristiUnited States72.4 mbps10.2 mbps81 ms0.95 %
CorralejoSpain80.9 mbps45.7 mbps40 ms1.43 %
CorvallisUnited States94.0 mbps8.8 mbps14 ms1.89 %
CoventryUnited Kingdom44.9 mbps9.9 mbps11 ms2.30 %
CraiovaRomania367.3 mbps37.2 mbps25 ms3.36 %
CroydonUnited Kingdom48.8 mbps7.3 mbps2 ms0.06 %
CuencaEcuador11.9 mbps8.8 mbps122 ms7.32 %
CuritibaBrazil37.0 mbps17.0 mbps22 ms1.87 %
CuscoPeru13.3 mbps5.0 mbps114 ms6.83 %
CórdobaArgentina23.5 mbps7.8 mbps31 ms2.96 %
Da LatVietnam44.3 mbps26.5 mbps51 ms2.37 %
Da NangVietnam27.8 mbps18.3 mbps71 ms7.09 %
DaeguSouth Korea45.4 mbps22.3 mbps70 ms6.58 %
DaejeonSouth Korea60.0 mbps34.8 mbps63 ms7.50 %
DakarSenegal2.5 mbps1.9 mbps189 ms4.00 %
DalianChina6.0 mbps9.9 mbps320 ms0.48 %
DallasUnited States65.1 mbps8.7 mbps18 ms0.40 %
DamascusSyria2.3 mbps0.3 mbps136 ms7.78 %
DammamSaudi Arabia8.5 mbps3.8 mbps310 ms1.58 %
Dar es SalaamTanzania6.8 mbps2.8 mbps157 ms6.27 %
DarmstadtGermany40.5 mbps10.2 mbps11 ms0.84 %
DarwinAustralia27.5 mbps6.5 mbps60 ms3.40 %
DatongChina26.9 mbps3.9 mbps236 ms2.71 %
DavenportUnited States108.4 mbps11.6 mbps21 ms2.15 %
DaytonUnited States64.4 mbps10.0 mbps28 ms0.64 %
Daytona BeachUnited States123.3 mbps10.9 mbps25 ms2.44 %
DecaturUnited States101.7 mbps12.7 mbps10 ms0.55 %
DelanoUnited States68.7 mbps10.5 mbps17 ms3.03 %
DelhiIndia23.4 mbps5.3 mbps37 ms2.62 %
DenpasarIndonesia13.3 mbps6.5 mbps37 ms4.20 %
DenverUnited States57.3 mbps6.3 mbps16 ms0.59 %
Des MoinesUnited States59.5 mbps13.1 mbps28 ms3.42 %
DetroitUnited States37.9 mbps6.1 mbps52 ms0.49 %
DeventerNetherlands73.3 mbps33.5 mbps8 ms1.74 %
DhakaBangladesh4.3 mbps4.5 mbps96 ms10.79 %
DhanbadIndia13.9 mbps2.4 mbps56 ms2.35 %
DijonFrance54.5 mbps38.4 mbps18 ms1.64 %
DniproUkraine27.8 mbps13.5 mbps46 ms3.13 %
DohaQatar15.1 mbps8.8 mbps154 ms3.63 %
DongguanChina11.0 mbps9.6 mbps315 ms11.55 %
DongyingChina3.9 mbps7.0 mbps313 ms7.72 %
DortmundGermany32.1 mbps7.9 mbps24 ms1.68 %
DothanUnited States83.5 mbps10.1 mbps30 ms0.54 %
DoualaCameroon4.7 mbps1.0 mbps224 ms24.51 %
DresdenGermany44.0 mbps9.5 mbps26 ms1.23 %
DubaiUnited Arab Emirates9.7 mbps5.0 mbps219 ms5.17 %
DublinIreland45.6 mbps13.6 mbps10 ms0.44 %
DubuqueUnited States76.6 mbps22.2 mbps27 ms2.54 %
DuluthUnited States92.9 mbps11.7 mbps9 ms0.66 %
DunedinNew Zealand75.4 mbps36.9 mbps14 ms1.07 %
DurbanSouth Africa19.9 mbps9.8 mbps14 ms2.80 %
DurgIndia34.0 mbps26.0 mbps28 ms7.27 %
DushanbeTajikistan0.4 mbps0.4 mbps320 ms12.44 %
Eau ClaireUnited States92.9 mbps10.2 mbps31 ms0.62 %
EdinburgUnited States49.4 mbps9.9 mbps35 ms1.67 %
EdinburghUnited Kingdom48.0 mbps9.0 mbps30 ms3.43 %
EdmontonCanada80.6 mbps15.2 mbps43 ms1.91 %
EindhovenNetherlands77.4 mbps29.3 mbps9 ms1.40 %
ElginUnited States66.8 mbps10.3 mbps13 ms0.74 %
ElkhartUnited States60.0 mbps11.6 mbps12 ms0.64 %
EnidUnited States71.8 mbps13.3 mbps35 ms1.35 %
EnterpriseUnited States65.9 mbps9.3 mbps25 ms0.49 %
EriceiraPortugal60.3 mbps39.2 mbps15 ms1.23 %
ErieUnited States78.3 mbps10.0 mbps35 ms0.41 %
ErlangenGermany34.6 mbps9.4 mbps19 ms1.34 %
EspooFinland56.0 mbps10.0 mbps27 ms2.08 %
EssaouiraMorocco6.8 mbps0.8 mbps73 ms4.00 %
EugeneUnited States71.8 mbps6.1 mbps14 ms2.00 %
EvansvilleUnited States86.1 mbps10.7 mbps30 ms0.82 %
ExeterUnited Kingdom40.5 mbps9.8 mbps12 ms2.18 %
FairfaxUnited States85.7 mbps11.6 mbps7 ms1.16 %
FairfieldUnited States92.8 mbps12.9 mbps13 ms0.83 %
FaisalabadPakistan2.5 mbps1.3 mbps333 ms15.07 %
FargoUnited States83.3 mbps16.3 mbps34 ms2.63 %
FaroPortugal25.2 mbps18.2 mbps24 ms1.13 %
FayettevilleUnited States96.2 mbps10.9 mbps20 ms0.90 %
FerraraItaly32.6 mbps13.9 mbps20 ms1.66 %
FesMorocco6.0 mbps0.7 mbps62 ms6.27 %
FlagstaffUnited States84.6 mbps16.5 mbps22 ms1.32 %
FlintUnited States71.5 mbps9.4 mbps26 ms0.83 %
FlorenceItaly26.0 mbps8.1 mbps23 ms0.31 %
FlorianópolisBrazil35.9 mbps15.5 mbps23 ms1.58 %
Fort CollinsUnited States106.3 mbps16.1 mbps10 ms0.61 %
Fort LauderdaleUnited States91.8 mbps11.8 mbps11 ms0.66 %
Fort McMurrayCanada76.5 mbps11.8 mbps50 ms2.18 %
Fort MyersUnited States88.2 mbps11.1 mbps13 ms0.45 %
Fort SmithUnited States70.8 mbps9.3 mbps31 ms3.04 %
Fort WayneUnited States92.2 mbps16.7 mbps15 ms0.70 %
FortalezaBrazil29.3 mbps16.1 mbps61 ms2.90 %
FoshanChina8.8 mbps4.8 mbps311 ms7.02 %
FrederickUnited States107.8 mbps7.0 mbps12 ms0.19 %
FrederictonCanada101.1 mbps15.9 mbps41 ms0.54 %
FreetownSierra Leone1.0 mbps0.0 mbps212 ms24.51 %
FresnoUnited States77.5 mbps10.3 mbps16 ms0.46 %
FukuokaJapan89.0 mbps50.2 mbps23 ms3.75 %
FunchalPortugal51.4 mbps31.5 mbps25 ms1.60 %
FushunChina16.4 mbps0.9 mbps107 ms15.33 %
FuzhouChina6.1 mbps6.7 mbps301 ms8.89 %
GaboroneBotswana4.2 mbps1.5 mbps21 ms4.69 %
GainesvilleUnited States91.7 mbps9.6 mbps27 ms1.67 %
GalleSri Lanka11.8 mbps3.8 mbps67 ms0.98 %
GalvestonUnited States89.8 mbps10.0 mbps14 ms0.51 %
GalwayIreland42.5 mbps16.8 mbps11 ms0.83 %
GaziantepTurkey6.4 mbps2.6 mbps90 ms6.73 %
GdanskPoland52.1 mbps9.6 mbps35 ms0.41 %
General SantosPhilippines15.7 mbps21.1 mbps99 ms11.91 %
GenevaSwitzerland22.3 mbps13.3 mbps35 ms2.12 %
GenoaItaly39.8 mbps13.4 mbps20 ms1.03 %
George TownCayman Islands28.3 mbps7.7 mbps31 ms2.31 %
GeorgetownGuyana6.4 mbps2.5 mbps142 ms5.41 %
GhentBelgium63.4 mbps14.2 mbps14 ms1.57 %
GibraltarGibraltar60.0 mbps26.3 mbps62 ms1.09 %
GizaEgypt5.9 mbps0.9 mbps119 ms6.03 %
GlasgowUnited Kingdom37.5 mbps8.6 mbps31 ms3.06 %
Gold CoastAustralia41.0 mbps10.8 mbps23 ms3.14 %
GothenburgSweden68.5 mbps14.2 mbps24 ms1.44 %
GranadaSpain73.1 mbps49.0 mbps20 ms1.46 %
Grand ForksUnited States96.5 mbps12.4 mbps36 ms3.53 %
Grand IslandUnited States61.6 mbps9.2 mbps36 ms0.72 %
Grand JunctionUnited States63.4 mbps9.5 mbps44 ms0.41 %
Grand RapidsUnited States74.3 mbps11.0 mbps19 ms1.20 %
Grande PrairieCanada49.0 mbps7.6 mbps42 ms5.25 %
GrazAustria31.6 mbps7.9 mbps25 ms2.58 %
Great FallsUnited States87.9 mbps10.3 mbps44 ms0.60 %
GreeleyUnited States113.0 mbps11.9 mbps9 ms0.22 %
Green BayUnited States54.3 mbps9.2 mbps16 ms0.65 %
GreensboroUnited States91.5 mbps11.3 mbps20 ms0.78 %
GreenvilleUnited States85.1 mbps10.9 mbps20 ms0.74 %
GrenobleFrance70.8 mbps31.5 mbps30 ms2.03 %
GroningenNetherlands74.3 mbps21.0 mbps10 ms1.36 %
GuadalajaraMexico24.1 mbps5.2 mbps68 ms5.15 %
GuangzhouChina7.0 mbps3.2 mbps313 ms6.95 %
Guatemala CityGuatemala8.6 mbps3.4 mbps96 ms8.56 %
GuayaquilEcuador8.3 mbps6.9 mbps140 ms3.27 %
GuelphCanada75.6 mbps10.6 mbps17 ms0.47 %
GuilinChina19.2 mbps33.4 mbps330 ms33.12 %
GuiyangChina4.2 mbps0.9 mbps353 ms13.46 %
GujranwalaPakistan2.6 mbps0.8 mbps333 ms12.66 %
GulfportUnited States68.4 mbps17.0 mbps34 ms1.89 %
GurgaonIndia43.9 mbps26.9 mbps18 ms4.82 %
GuwahatiIndia7.0 mbps1.4 mbps91 ms1.33 %
GwaliorIndia26.9 mbps11.5 mbps59 ms5.92 %
GwangjuSouth Korea43.5 mbps15.6 mbps34 ms7.83 %
HaarlemNetherlands59.1 mbps23.5 mbps11 ms2.06 %
HagenGermany31.9 mbps8.8 mbps18 ms2.03 %
HaifaIsrael33.1 mbps4.4 mbps115 ms2.01 %
HaikouChina13.5 mbps8.6 mbps314 ms4.67 %
HalifaxCanada79.3 mbps9.3 mbps35 ms0.78 %
HamamatsuJapan102.1 mbps61.4 mbps23 ms3.33 %
HamburgGermany33.8 mbps8.5 mbps24 ms1.90 %
HamiltonBermuda34.5 mbps21.7 mbps37 ms0.62 %
HandanChina11.5 mbps15.5 mbps309 ms5.07 %
HangzhouChina7.0 mbps7.0 mbps289 ms10.39 %
HanoiVietnam20.4 mbps13.3 mbps103 ms6.52 %
HarareZimbabwe3.0 mbps1.9 mbps76 ms5.75 %
HarbinChina6.2 mbps13.7 mbps123 ms3.38 %
HarlingenUnited States70.4 mbps7.7 mbps101 ms0.46 %
HarrisonburgUnited States76.7 mbps8.5 mbps11 ms0.70 %
HartfordUnited States87.9 mbps8.3 mbps15 ms0.88 %
HavanaCuba1.8 mbps1.0 mbps137 ms4.41 %
HefeiChina13.4 mbps4.6 mbps285 ms5.33 %
HeidelbergGermany25.7 mbps5.1 mbps18 ms2.22 %
HelenaUnited States55.8 mbps9.4 mbps50 ms1.79 %
HelsinkiFinland47.0 mbps9.4 mbps34 ms1.52 %
HemetUnited States127.3 mbps11.6 mbps12 ms0.24 %
HendersonUnited States129.4 mbps9.7 mbps11 ms0.91 %
HeraklionGreece16.8 mbps4.3 mbps18 ms5.27 %
HermosilloMexico24.1 mbps6.8 mbps50 ms5.22 %
HesperiaUnited States101.4 mbps10.7 mbps11 ms0.25 %
High PointUnited States66.7 mbps8.9 mbps23 ms0.66 %
HiloUnited States52.3 mbps7.8 mbps92 ms1.41 %
HiroshimaJapan86.3 mbps45.8 mbps21 ms3.51 %
Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam22.6 mbps18.0 mbps54 ms6.99 %
HobartAustralia27.0 mbps7.5 mbps30 ms1.82 %
HofGermany45.2 mbps10.5 mbps24 ms0.99 %
HohhotChina0.3 mbps13.6 mbps311 ms6.71 %
Hoi AnVietnam153.6 mbps108.4 mbps62 ms8.37 %
HonoluluUnited States45.7 mbps7.4 mbps104 ms1.03 %
HooverUnited States47.8 mbps10.5 mbps15 ms2.27 %
HoustonUnited States66.0 mbps9.1 mbps15 ms0.67 %
Hua HinThailand51.9 mbps39.5 mbps32 ms1.45 %
Huai'anChina1.1 mbps0.7 mbps308 ms2.32 %
HuaibeiChina8.8 mbps1.9 mbps74 ms0.50 %
HuainanChina11.7 mbps0.9 mbps70 ms1.47 %
HubliIndia23.5 mbps6.1 mbps49 ms5.54 %
HuddersfieldUnited Kingdom51.8 mbps10.0 mbps13 ms1.74 %
HuizhouChina2.6 mbps5.6 mbps282 ms6.66 %
HullUnited Kingdom81.0 mbps23.1 mbps9 ms0.90 %
HuntsvilleUnited States116.8 mbps23.7 mbps12 ms0.88 %
HuzhouChina1.1 mbps0.6 mbps282 ms7.92 %
HyderabadIndia26.9 mbps7.0 mbps38 ms3.25 %
IasiRomania132.9 mbps24.3 mbps35 ms2.60 %
IbadanNigeria5.0 mbps2.0 mbps32 ms6.61 %
Idaho FallsUnited States63.1 mbps10.3 mbps56 ms2.34 %
Incline VillageUnited States83.5 mbps8.1 mbps44 ms0.73 %
IndianapolisUnited States62.2 mbps9.7 mbps21 ms0.90 %
IndioUnited States103.4 mbps10.8 mbps14 ms0.25 %
IndoreIndia23.5 mbps7.1 mbps48 ms4.33 %
InnsbruckAustria36.2 mbps8.3 mbps32 ms3.86 %
InterlakenSwitzerland40.0 mbps9.5 mbps14 ms0.01 %
Iowa CityUnited States91.9 mbps17.9 mbps25 ms2.90 %
IpohMalaysia27.9 mbps17.5 mbps16 ms4.96 %
IquiqueChile53.6 mbps10.9 mbps65 ms2.36 %
IsfahanIran5.9 mbps0.3 mbps268 ms5.95 %
Isla MujeresMexico7.7 mbps1.3 mbps102 ms3.37 %
IslamabadPakistan4.1 mbps2.2 mbps316 ms12.88 %
IstanbulTurkey9.7 mbps3.2 mbps83 ms5.66 %
ItapemaBrazil39.0 mbps23.1 mbps4 ms2.64 %
IthacaUnited States67.4 mbps9.5 mbps27 ms1.12 %
Ivano-FrankivskUkraine29.2 mbps17.1 mbps37 ms3.64 %
IzhevskRussia28.5 mbps19.1 mbps52 ms5.28 %
IzmirTurkey9.3 mbps3.3 mbps91 ms6.10 %
JabalpurIndia20.4 mbps6.4 mbps61 ms6.11 %
JacksonUnited States68.8 mbps10.8 mbps30 ms2.02 %
JacksonvilleUnited States66.9 mbps11.0 mbps21 ms0.57 %
JaipurIndia16.5 mbps3.9 mbps32 ms2.28 %
JakartaIndonesia12.1 mbps5.7 mbps23 ms6.24 %
JamshedpurIndia19.6 mbps4.1 mbps66 ms3.81 %
JanesvilleUnited States81.8 mbps9.9 mbps36 ms0.83 %
JaveaSpain57.1 mbps48.9 mbps14 ms2.81 %
JeddahSaudi Arabia9.7 mbps5.6 mbps139 ms1.66 %
JenaGermany41.6 mbps10.1 mbps28 ms1.87 %
JerusalemIsrael17.3 mbps3.1 mbps102 ms2.98 %
JiangmenChina0.4 mbps12.2 mbps19 ms0.62 %
JiaxingChina7.7 mbps11.3 mbps300 ms12.80 %
JimbaranIndonesia10.1 mbps3.5 mbps27 ms2.98 %
JinanChina13.8 mbps4.6 mbps292 ms8.27 %
JodhpurIndia12.7 mbps3.6 mbps45 ms3.83 %
JohannesburgSouth Africa20.3 mbps9.5 mbps6 ms2.01 %
Johnson CityUnited States90.9 mbps10.4 mbps24 ms1.09 %
Johor BahruMalaysia30.1 mbps9.8 mbps14 ms4.54 %
JolietUnited States51.4 mbps8.4 mbps19 ms0.56 %
JonesboroUnited States88.4 mbps16.7 mbps23 ms0.94 %
JoplinUnited States66.8 mbps11.4 mbps35 ms1.38 %
JuarezMexico17.8 mbps2.1 mbps18 ms3.65 %
JubaSouth Sudan0.2 mbps0.2 mbps54 ms31.33 %
JundiaíBrazil32.1 mbps14.4 mbps37 ms1.82 %
KabulAfghanistan0.9 mbps0.3 mbps333 ms6.82 %
KadunaNigeria18.2 mbps2.5 mbps12 ms12.54 %
KagoshimaJapan92.6 mbps57.0 mbps28 ms4.06 %
KaliningradRussia37.1 mbps13.5 mbps51 ms5.67 %
KalyanIndia14.9 mbps8.5 mbps15 ms5.42 %
KampalaUganda6.8 mbps4.2 mbps35 ms6.27 %
KandySri Lanka8.6 mbps1.8 mbps94 ms8.95 %
KannurIndia29.3 mbps17.6 mbps27 ms5.20 %
KanoNigeria16.7 mbps4.7 mbps40 ms5.27 %
KanpurIndia15.1 mbps4.7 mbps56 ms4.27 %
Kansas CityUnited States69.1 mbps11.1 mbps41 ms0.72 %
KarachiPakistan3.5 mbps3.0 mbps322 ms10.46 %
KarlsruheGermany51.7 mbps9.1 mbps12 ms0.86 %
KasselGermany43.2 mbps9.9 mbps14 ms0.98 %
KathmanduNepal7.8 mbps7.5 mbps91 ms5.50 %
KatowicePoland8.7 mbps8.0 mbps41 ms0.36 %
KaunasLithuania35.1 mbps17.5 mbps49 ms1.02 %
KearneyUnited States82.0 mbps10.1 mbps41 ms1.40 %
KelownaCanada103.5 mbps33.6 mbps19 ms1.39 %
KennewickUnited States86.2 mbps10.7 mbps14 ms0.60 %
KenoshaUnited States83.6 mbps10.2 mbps11 ms0.33 %
Key WestUnited States69.4 mbps11.3 mbps15 ms1.26 %
KharkivUkraine25.8 mbps19.8 mbps41 ms4.18 %
KhartoumSudan4.8 mbps0.6 mbps259 ms0.68 %
Khon KaenThailand22.3 mbps10.2 mbps96 ms2.22 %
KhulnaBangladesh3.3 mbps8.1 mbps84 ms13.10 %
KigaliRwanda4.9 mbps1.5 mbps223 ms7.19 %
KilleenUnited States81.7 mbps9.9 mbps14 ms0.59 %
KingsportUnited States71.7 mbps8.7 mbps37 ms0.28 %
KingstonJamaica32.4 mbps10.8 mbps43 ms1.92 %
KinshasaDR Congo0.7 mbps3.5 mbps170 ms2.15 %
KisanganiDR Congo4.4 mbps2.2 mbps404 ms25.39 %
KitakyushuJapan93.1 mbps54.7 mbps23 ms3.20 %
KitchenerCanada95.8 mbps11.8 mbps16 ms0.31 %
KnoxvilleUnited States105.8 mbps11.8 mbps20 ms0.98 %
Ko Pha NganThailand68.7 mbps39.5 mbps39 ms2.62 %
Ko SamuiThailand28.1 mbps12.5 mbps53 ms5.91 %
KobeJapan88.5 mbps51.5 mbps16 ms3.01 %
KochiIndia12.6 mbps1.8 mbps48 ms1.99 %
KokomoUnited States76.0 mbps11.5 mbps14 ms0.76 %
KolkataIndia20.4 mbps4.8 mbps67 ms4.05 %
KollamIndia22.9 mbps4.6 mbps28 ms3.24 %
KonyaTurkey8.2 mbps2.6 mbps85 ms7.13 %
KotaIndia16.0 mbps6.3 mbps44 ms4.90 %
Kota KinabaluMalaysia5.9 mbps3.8 mbps96 ms4.36 %
KozhikodeIndia18.2 mbps4.8 mbps37 ms3.23 %
KrabiThailand45.2 mbps11.4 mbps39 ms2.02 %
KragujevacSerbia19.0 mbps6.1 mbps10 ms2.28 %
KrakowPoland45.4 mbps9.4 mbps30 ms0.78 %
KrasnodarRussia12.7 mbps4.6 mbps101 ms4.11 %
KrasnoyarskRussia5.9 mbps8.2 mbps306 ms3.83 %
Kuala LumpurMalaysia13.0 mbps4.9 mbps35 ms3.31 %
KuchingMalaysia46.2 mbps11.7 mbps42 ms5.40 %
KumasiGhana6.6 mbps6.3 mbps109 ms8.11 %
KunmingChina10.0 mbps1.8 mbps356 ms9.36 %
KunshanChina4.6 mbps1.9 mbps286 ms7.87 %
KutaisiGeorgia13.0 mbps8.1 mbps162 ms9.00 %
Kuwait CityKuwait20.8 mbps7.9 mbps163 ms1.38 %
KyivUkraine36.8 mbps16.4 mbps39 ms3.07 %
KyotoJapan91.7 mbps62.0 mbps15 ms3.17 %
La CrosseUnited States47.3 mbps8.3 mbps34 ms0.86 %
La PazBolivia12.7 mbps5.1 mbps85 ms4.56 %
La PazBolivia12.7 mbps5.1 mbps85 ms4.56 %
La PazMexico22.0 mbps7.4 mbps69 ms5.99 %
La PlataArgentina27.1 mbps14.6 mbps11 ms1.14 %
La SerenaChile53.6 mbps10.6 mbps33 ms1.96 %
LafayetteUnited States103.0 mbps11.1 mbps15 ms0.84 %
LagosNigeria9.1 mbps3.2 mbps25 ms5.23 %
LagosPortugal27.2 mbps14.5 mbps24 ms1.28 %
LahorePakistan2.8 mbps1.5 mbps321 ms11.00 %
Lake CharlesUnited States94.0 mbps23.7 mbps22 ms1.23 %
Lake Havasu CityUnited States43.2 mbps11.5 mbps21 ms1.61 %
LancasterUnited States89.0 mbps8.8 mbps20 ms0.38 %
LansingUnited States63.4 mbps11.1 mbps17 ms0.74 %
LanzhouChina3.6 mbps12.1 mbps418 ms9.46 %
LaredoUnited States58.5 mbps7.0 mbps95 ms0.90 %
LarnacaCyprus22.5 mbps6.3 mbps47 ms6.76 %
Las CrucesUnited States98.6 mbps7.2 mbps43 ms2.16 %
Las Palmas de Gran CanariaSpain35.5 mbps25.3 mbps45 ms1.34 %
Las VegasUnited States70.8 mbps8.9 mbps12 ms0.91 %
LausanneSwitzerland102.5 mbps33.5 mbps13 ms1.75 %
LawrenceUnited States92.4 mbps11.8 mbps21 ms1.89 %
LawtonUnited States58.5 mbps7.2 mbps13 ms1.27 %
LeedsUnited Kingdom46.8 mbps9.6 mbps14 ms1.74 %
LeeuwardenNetherlands72.7 mbps29.9 mbps10 ms2.02 %
LeicesterUnited Kingdom39.8 mbps9.1 mbps19 ms2.52 %
LeidenNetherlands65.7 mbps23.0 mbps10 ms1.63 %
LeipzigGermany36.5 mbps7.6 mbps27 ms1.34 %
LelystadNetherlands68.0 mbps32.9 mbps8 ms1.35 %
LethbridgeCanada65.1 mbps11.1 mbps36 ms1.97 %
LeuvenBelgium63.3 mbps14.1 mbps15 ms2.08 %
LexingtonUnited States72.1 mbps10.4 mbps30 ms1.49 %
LianyungangChina6.2 mbps33.4 mbps292 ms2.41 %
LiberiaCosta Rica25.9 mbps3.4 mbps125 ms9.80 %
LibrevilleGabon3.9 mbps1.5 mbps231 ms6.83 %
LilleFrance64.3 mbps8.7 mbps17 ms1.32 %
LilongweMalawi4.9 mbps7.2 mbps107 ms0.84 %
LimaPeru20.2 mbps9.1 mbps49 ms4.36 %
LimassolCyprus21.7 mbps6.2 mbps43 ms6.63 %
LincolnUnited States66.9 mbps11.4 mbps38 ms2.35 %
LinyiChina40.9 mbps7.2 mbps307 ms0.65 %
LisbonPortugal49.9 mbps21.7 mbps13 ms1.27 %
Little RockUnited States68.2 mbps11.3 mbps15 ms1.57 %
LiuzhouChina15.7 mbps6.7 mbps331 ms9.76 %
LiverpoolUnited Kingdom43.7 mbps9.1 mbps28 ms3.41 %
LivingstoneZambia4.4 mbps0.6 mbps191 ms0.05 %
LjubljanaSlovenia37.4 mbps8.3 mbps38 ms4.52 %
LodiUnited States48.4 mbps6.6 mbps24 ms0.84 %
LodzPoland39.2 mbps13.3 mbps33 ms1.97 %
LoganUnited States61.3 mbps5.9 mbps26 ms0.71 %
LondonUnited Kingdom51.2 mbps7.9 mbps3 ms0.10 %
LongviewUnited States58.8 mbps8.8 mbps12 ms1.56 %
Los AngelesUnited States50.3 mbps8.1 mbps21 ms0.28 %
LouisvilleUnited States83.4 mbps10.7 mbps34 ms0.50 %
LuandaAngola5.2 mbps1.6 mbps184 ms6.16 %
LubbockUnited States99.6 mbps22.0 mbps18 ms1.45 %
LublinPoland9.5 mbps6.6 mbps34 ms0.25 %
LubumbashiDR Congo3.7 mbps2.4 mbps112 ms6.45 %
LuccaItaly28.6 mbps8.7 mbps31 ms1.02 %
LucknowIndia12.2 mbps2.1 mbps67 ms2.67 %
LudhianaIndia14.1 mbps2.1 mbps35 ms1.95 %
LuganoSwitzerland171.3 mbps21.8 mbps27 ms0.10 %
LuoyangChina22.9 mbps26.0 mbps71 ms2.03 %
LusakaZambia8.0 mbps2.9 mbps37 ms1.33 %
LutonUnited Kingdom47.4 mbps9.0 mbps9 ms1.29 %
LuxembourgLuxembourg18.6 mbps4.1 mbps30 ms2.94 %
LuxorEgypt6.9 mbps1.2 mbps127 ms6.52 %
LvivUkraine38.0 mbps21.8 mbps37 ms3.10 %
LynchburgUnited States29.3 mbps5.5 mbps21 ms0.88 %
LyonFrance90.7 mbps12.2 mbps26 ms0.95 %
MaconUnited States92.8 mbps9.7 mbps8 ms1.66 %
MadeiraPortugal12.9 mbps4.4 mbps35 ms0.09 %
MadisonUnited States96.5 mbps11.1 mbps26 ms1.09 %
MadridSpain86.0 mbps36.2 mbps11 ms0.89 %
MaduraiIndia12.1 mbps2.0 mbps35 ms0.87 %
MakassarIndonesia10.3 mbps2.9 mbps51 ms5.24 %
MalaccaMalaysia34.9 mbps15.0 mbps15 ms4.24 %
MalangIndonesia8.3 mbps3.5 mbps28 ms9.91 %
MalappuramIndia19.4 mbps5.2 mbps35 ms4.80 %
MaleMaldives9.4 mbps6.7 mbps96 ms5.30 %
ManaguaNicaragua10.5 mbps5.2 mbps127 ms2.44 %
ManamaBahrain12.9 mbps2.9 mbps279 ms5.23 %
ManausBrazil13.5 mbps6.9 mbps217 ms4.22 %
ManchesterUnited Kingdom42.8 mbps9.3 mbps13 ms1.00 %
ManchesterUnited States82.2 mbps7.8 mbps17 ms2.03 %
MandalayMyanmar13.2 mbps4.3 mbps105 ms9.64 %
ManhattanUnited States103.5 mbps9.9 mbps31 ms1.19 %
ManilaPhilippines25.9 mbps16.8 mbps69 ms5.07 %
MantecaUnited States113.2 mbps11.8 mbps14 ms0.28 %
MaputoMozambique4.9 mbps2.6 mbps34 ms7.09 %
Mar del PlataArgentina18.8 mbps9.5 mbps27 ms1.94 %
MaracaiboVenezuela8.9 mbps7.0 mbps108 ms6.49 %
MaracayVenezuela1.9 mbps0.6 mbps143 ms10.32 %
MarbellaSpain84.8 mbps49.2 mbps20 ms1.87 %
MarrakeshMorocco6.6 mbps0.7 mbps61 ms4.57 %
MarseilleFrance55.0 mbps10.7 mbps25 ms1.96 %
MarysvilleUnited States82.0 mbps10.8 mbps15 ms0.94 %
MaseruLesotho11.5 mbps2.7 mbps25 ms0.17 %
MashhadIran3.4 mbps0.4 mbps321 ms7.75 %
MataraSri Lanka15.1 mbps3.0 mbps77 ms4.96 %
MataramIndonesia7.9 mbps3.6 mbps49 ms8.62 %
McAllenUnited States63.8 mbps7.3 mbps94 ms0.61 %
MedanIndonesia10.5 mbps4.1 mbps23 ms4.36 %
MedellínColombia27.4 mbps8.1 mbps74 ms5.06 %
MedfordUnited States93.4 mbps10.8 mbps16 ms1.01 %
MedinaSaudi Arabia11.9 mbps5.8 mbps132 ms3.99 %
MeerutIndia9.4 mbps2.1 mbps72 ms1.83 %
MelbourneAustralia34.2 mbps8.1 mbps21 ms1.13 %
MelbourneUnited States124.8 mbps11.5 mbps24 ms2.44 %
MemphisUnited States50.9 mbps8.2 mbps31 ms2.04 %
MendozaArgentina8.0 mbps2.7 mbps73 ms4.46 %
Menlo ParkUnited States119.2 mbps16.8 mbps8 ms0.60 %
MercedUnited States98.7 mbps11.4 mbps15 ms0.34 %
MexicaliMexico26.1 mbps6.3 mbps24 ms3.82 %
Mexico CityMexico26.4 mbps6.9 mbps59 ms4.34 %
MiamiUnited States73.0 mbps11.0 mbps14 ms0.59 %
MidlandUnited States79.9 mbps11.8 mbps19 ms0.92 %
MilanItaly29.0 mbps11.5 mbps21 ms0.31 %
MilwaukeeUnited States90.4 mbps10.6 mbps10 ms0.53 %
MinneapolisUnited States68.8 mbps7.4 mbps21 ms1.27 %
MinotUnited States71.1 mbps9.4 mbps50 ms3.71 %
MinskBelarus28.8 mbps11.2 mbps44 ms1.64 %
MissionUnited States49.8 mbps7.6 mbps52 ms1.01 %
MissoulaUnited States66.5 mbps8.8 mbps41 ms1.04 %
MobileUnited States85.9 mbps14.0 mbps18 ms1.07 %
ModenaItaly33.9 mbps10.0 mbps23 ms0.38 %
ModestoUnited States78.5 mbps10.6 mbps15 ms0.48 %
MogadishuSomalia1.7 mbps1.5 mbps296 ms11.91 %
MombasaKenya7.8 mbps2.1 mbps14 ms4.24 %
MonacoMonaco50.0 mbps14.8 mbps34 ms1.22 %
MonctonCanada110.4 mbps14.0 mbps40 ms0.40 %
MonroviaLiberia2.4 mbps0.4 mbps223 ms21.42 %
Montego BayJamaica33.1 mbps7.0 mbps63 ms5.61 %
MontereyUnited States53.6 mbps14.9 mbps10 ms0.78 %
MonterreyMexico26.2 mbps8.7 mbps23 ms2.19 %
MontevideoUruguay54.3 mbps20.2 mbps16 ms0.36 %
MontgomeryUnited States92.8 mbps14.5 mbps16 ms0.78 %
MontpellierFrance59.1 mbps30.6 mbps31 ms2.21 %
MontrealCanada48.1 mbps9.9 mbps13 ms0.83 %
MonzaItaly30.8 mbps9.8 mbps16 ms0.18 %
MoradabadIndia15.8 mbps3.5 mbps39 ms3.55 %
MoscowRussia35.8 mbps12.6 mbps43 ms1.50 %
MosulIraq1.0 mbps4.4 mbps118 ms20.31 %
Mountain ViewUnited States112.7 mbps11.4 mbps8 ms0.54 %
MultanPakistan3.3 mbps2.1 mbps306 ms12.17 %
MumbaiIndia18.5 mbps6.7 mbps30 ms4.97 %
MuncieUnited States84.7 mbps11.6 mbps17 ms0.64 %
MunichGermany41.1 mbps8.3 mbps28 ms1.32 %
MurrietaUnited States106.6 mbps19.8 mbps10 ms0.42 %
MuscatOman5.7 mbps2.4 mbps153 ms3.27 %
MysoreIndia15.9 mbps2.5 mbps43 ms1.93 %
MéridaMexico17.9 mbps5.3 mbps73 ms5.93 %
N'DjamenaChad0.2 mbps0.4 mbps266 ms21.38 %
NagasakiJapan91.3 mbps54.4 mbps26 ms3.84 %
NagoJapan33.4 mbps26.9 mbps124 ms7.14 %
NagoyaJapan84.0 mbps48.3 mbps16 ms3.04 %
NagpurIndia8.9 mbps1.9 mbps103 ms4.83 %
NahaJapan45.6 mbps27.7 mbps133 ms5.64 %
NairobiKenya8.9 mbps3.5 mbps8 ms3.79 %
Nakhon PathomThailand80.8 mbps40.1 mbps32 ms1.66 %
Nakhon RatchasimaThailand29.3 mbps16.0 mbps80 ms1.98 %
NanaimoCanada83.7 mbps22.9 mbps13 ms0.78 %
NanchangChina22.6 mbps1.7 mbps307 ms5.12 %
NanjingChina19.7 mbps9.5 mbps288 ms5.28 %
NanningChina3.0 mbps3.8 mbps312 ms3.76 %
NantesFrance46.0 mbps19.2 mbps14 ms1.80 %
NantongChina21.4 mbps15.6 mbps300 ms10.17 %
NanyangChina7.9 mbps2.7 mbps92 ms2.77 %
NapaUnited States79.9 mbps11.2 mbps12 ms0.64 %
NaplesItaly33.7 mbps11.0 mbps58 ms1.18 %
NashikIndia8.0 mbps1.8 mbps52 ms3.94 %
NashuaUnited States116.0 mbps7.4 mbps14 ms1.57 %
NashvilleUnited States76.4 mbps10.8 mbps18 ms0.60 %
NatalBrazil34.9 mbps19.0 mbps60 ms3.12 %
New DelhiIndia25.1 mbps6.8 mbps24 ms3.25 %
New HavenUnited States87.2 mbps7.6 mbps18 ms1.72 %
New OrleansUnited States57.7 mbps3.8 mbps36 ms2.13 %
New TaipeiTaiwan74.0 mbps42.8 mbps8 ms0.43 %
New YorkUnited States64.0 mbps9.2 mbps19 ms0.37 %
Newport BeachUnited States104.4 mbps10.9 mbps10 ms0.51 %
Nha TrangVietnam16.4 mbps12.2 mbps58 ms5.27 %
NiameyNiger1.0 mbps0.4 mbps247 ms5.58 %
NiceFrance56.8 mbps30.2 mbps29 ms1.92 %
NicosiaCyprus17.5 mbps4.0 mbps92 ms7.75 %
NijmegenNetherlands69.1 mbps29.1 mbps10 ms1.96 %
NingboChina1.0 mbps0.5 mbps275 ms6.04 %
NišSerbia24.7 mbps7.6 mbps9 ms2.36 %
NoidaIndia41.8 mbps25.0 mbps12 ms4.87 %
NonthaburiThailand34.0 mbps14.8 mbps41 ms2.80 %
NorfolkUnited States68.9 mbps7.8 mbps13 ms0.62 %
NormalUnited States83.9 mbps11.5 mbps12 ms0.67 %
North Little RockUnited States47.8 mbps9.7 mbps24 ms1.52 %
NorthamptonUnited Kingdom50.8 mbps10.3 mbps12 ms1.90 %
NorwichUnited Kingdom36.7 mbps8.7 mbps15 ms2.97 %
NottinghamUnited Kingdom42.3 mbps9.3 mbps15 ms1.82 %
NouakchottMauritania1.6 mbps0.7 mbps111 ms2.18 %
Novi SadSerbia27.4 mbps7.0 mbps8 ms2.24 %
NovocherkasskRussia60.3 mbps5.5 mbps85 ms0.36 %
NovosibirskRussia8.0 mbps4.5 mbps306 ms5.74 %
NugegodaSri Lanka9.7 mbps1.6 mbps244 ms0.53 %
Nuku'alofaTonga14.7 mbps9.8 mbps86 ms0.01 %
NurembergGermany32.0 mbps8.5 mbps21 ms1.34 %
NuukGreenland38.7 mbps3.0 mbps26 ms2.90 %
OaklandUnited States83.0 mbps11.5 mbps9 ms0.66 %
Oaxaca CityMexico9.7 mbps2.8 mbps101 ms6.74 %
ObninskRussia2.6 mbps20.6 mbps39 ms7.97 %
OcalaUnited States56.3 mbps6.0 mbps28 ms1.06 %
OceansideUnited States102.3 mbps10.5 mbps10 ms2.09 %
OdessaUkraine33.9 mbps20.2 mbps44 ms5.54 %
OdessaUnited States88.8 mbps13.5 mbps17 ms1.47 %
OgdenUnited States103.7 mbps10.7 mbps21 ms0.47 %
OkayamaJapan93.6 mbps60.2 mbps25 ms4.39 %
Oklahoma CityUnited States63.8 mbps8.5 mbps26 ms1.44 %
OlympiaUnited States91.7 mbps7.7 mbps11 ms1.21 %
OmahaUnited States68.2 mbps8.4 mbps20 ms1.99 %
OmskRussia13.0 mbps11.7 mbps304 ms2.61 %
OnitshaNigeria11.5 mbps18.6 mbps19 ms9.71 %
OranAlgeria3.7 mbps0.7 mbps63 ms4.17 %
OranjestadAruba31.9 mbps6.6 mbps110 ms3.51 %
Oregon CityUnited States93.4 mbps8.5 mbps12 ms0.33 %
OrlandoUnited States50.0 mbps7.8 mbps39 ms1.38 %
OsakaJapan79.5 mbps25.0 mbps16 ms2.60 %
OshawaCanada104.3 mbps14.2 mbps15 ms0.49 %
OshkoshUnited States81.9 mbps10.1 mbps15 ms0.55 %
OsijekCroatia1.6 mbps7.7 mbps21 ms6.08 %
OsloNorway60.2 mbps17.7 mbps14 ms1.43 %
OstravaCzechia39.1 mbps10.0 mbps20 ms3.05 %
OttawaCanada79.6 mbps10.2 mbps27 ms0.76 %
OuagadougouBurkina Faso2.3 mbps1.0 mbps246 ms0.87 %
OuluFinland22.5 mbps8.9 mbps27 ms1.21 %
OwensboroUnited States64.4 mbps9.5 mbps40 ms1.24 %
OxfordUnited Kingdom45.0 mbps9.7 mbps11 ms1.24 %
OxnardUnited States111.9 mbps11.1 mbps11 ms0.29 %
PadovaItaly26.5 mbps8.5 mbps24 ms0.84 %
PalembangIndonesia9.0 mbps4.0 mbps30 ms4.76 %
PalermoItaly33.2 mbps9.7 mbps58 ms0.57 %
Palm BayUnited States127.2 mbps11.1 mbps27 ms2.35 %
Palm CoastUnited States115.2 mbps11.0 mbps30 ms2.91 %
Palm DesertUnited States90.0 mbps10.7 mbps14 ms0.31 %
PalmaSpain99.5 mbps55.6 mbps23 ms1.45 %
PalmdaleUnited States105.9 mbps10.3 mbps12 ms0.15 %
Palo AltoUnited States88.6 mbps11.7 mbps9 ms0.60 %
PamplonaSpain98.9 mbps64.5 mbps15 ms1.32 %
PanajachelGuatemala7.0 mbps1.9 mbps91 ms18.04 %
Panama CityPanama29.0 mbps4.1 mbps121 ms4.36 %
PaphosCyprus19.1 mbps5.7 mbps35 ms6.71 %
ParamariboSuriname7.9 mbps1.5 mbps143 ms7.17 %
ParisFrance75.9 mbps13.4 mbps4 ms0.83 %
Park CityUnited States68.3 mbps6.0 mbps25 ms1.57 %
PascoUnited States75.4 mbps10.3 mbps23 ms0.54 %
PastoColombia17.6 mbps7.0 mbps81 ms5.31 %
PatnaIndia11.1 mbps2.3 mbps88 ms2.31 %
PattayaThailand29.4 mbps15.0 mbps41 ms3.10 %
PensacolaUnited States92.6 mbps9.0 mbps20 ms2.23 %
PeoriaUnited States115.9 mbps10.3 mbps16 ms1.28 %
PerthAustralia30.3 mbps6.3 mbps55 ms3.10 %
PeshawarPakistan2.7 mbps0.7 mbps341 ms13.46 %
PetalumaUnited States93.2 mbps12.6 mbps11 ms0.46 %
PharrUnited States61.8 mbps7.5 mbps100 ms0.80 %
PhiladelphiaUnited States54.6 mbps7.9 mbps22 ms0.43 %
PhilipsburgSint Maarten7.1 mbps2.1 mbps112 ms9.54 %
PhitsanulokThailand39.9 mbps17.2 mbps73 ms2.54 %
Phnom PenhCambodia10.4 mbps4.7 mbps52 ms6.34 %
PhoenixUnited States54.2 mbps6.8 mbps24 ms1.44 %
PhuketThailand19.9 mbps11.3 mbps38 ms3.53 %
PisaItaly36.4 mbps13.1 mbps23 ms1.34 %
PittsburghUnited States83.1 mbps9.8 mbps15 ms0.92 %
PlantationUnited States19.4 mbps91.3 mbps4 ms1.04 %
Playa del CarmenMexico19.9 mbps7.0 mbps52 ms5.94 %
PlovdivBulgaria73.2 mbps13.6 mbps11 ms4.63 %
PocatelloUnited States63.0 mbps10.2 mbps54 ms1.93 %
PodgoricaMontenegro29.6 mbps5.3 mbps9 ms0.98 %
PokharaNepal9.3 mbps11.5 mbps75 ms5.28 %
Port ArthurUnited States69.4 mbps9.3 mbps17 ms0.61 %
Port ElizabethSouth Africa13.8 mbps4.9 mbps31 ms4.92 %
Port HarcourtNigeria4.6 mbps1.6 mbps117 ms10.65 %
Port LouisMauritius14.2 mbps5.9 mbps91 ms7.64 %
Port MoresbyPapua New Guinea2.3 mbps0.9 mbps61 ms0.25 %
Port of SpainTrinidad and Tobago23.4 mbps5.3 mbps120 ms3.08 %
Port OrangeUnited States109.2 mbps11.2 mbps32 ms2.93 %
Port SaidEgypt7.6 mbps1.0 mbps123 ms6.90 %
Port VilaVanuatu4.6 mbps4.6 mbps103 ms11.34 %
Port-au-PrinceHaiti3.5 mbps3.0 mbps53 ms1.23 %
PortervilleUnited States65.6 mbps9.9 mbps25 ms0.26 %
PortimãoPortugal29.7 mbps18.1 mbps24 ms1.25 %
PortlandUnited States63.5 mbps7.8 mbps14 ms1.52 %
PortoPortugal56.1 mbps30.6 mbps15 ms2.17 %
Porto AlegreBrazil35.2 mbps12.8 mbps32 ms1.41 %
PortsmouthUnited Kingdom47.8 mbps9.5 mbps11 ms1.90 %
PoznanPoland21.0 mbps7.5 mbps29 ms0.35 %
PragueCzechia27.1 mbps9.0 mbps21 ms1.54 %
PretoriaSouth Africa19.5 mbps7.3 mbps6 ms0.70 %
PrincetonUnited States78.5 mbps11.8 mbps14 ms1.09 %
PristinaKosovo62.0 mbps5.3 mbps37 ms5.15 %
ProvidenceUnited States132.7 mbps13.2 mbps11 ms1.11 %
ProvoUnited States89.1 mbps38.6 mbps40 ms2.00 %
PueblaMexico22.2 mbps6.5 mbps35 ms5.48 %
Puebla CityMexico18.9 mbps5.2 mbps76 ms5.44 %
PuebloUnited States90.0 mbps8.6 mbps13 ms0.43 %
Puerto del RosarioSpain69.4 mbps42.4 mbps42 ms1.73 %
Puerto EscondidoMexico4.6 mbps1.4 mbps101 ms9.61 %
Puerto VallartaMexico20.1 mbps5.1 mbps70 ms5.48 %
PuneIndia13.4 mbps2.6 mbps40 ms4.55 %
PuningChina276.7 mbps22.7 mbps25 ms0.46 %
Punta CanaDominican Republic24.2 mbps0.7 mbps50 ms9.98 %
Punta del EsteUruguay24.6 mbps0.6 mbps25 ms8.00 %
PutianChina25.7 mbps7.9 mbps282 ms3.13 %
QingdaoChina11.1 mbps6.6 mbps309 ms7.45 %
QinhuangdaoChina7.2 mbps9.0 mbps329 ms2.23 %
QiqiharChina9.6 mbps17.5 mbps78 ms3.05 %
QuanzhouChina5.5 mbps0.8 mbps304 ms1.66 %
QueenstownNew Zealand35.1 mbps16.7 mbps26 ms1.66 %
QueretaroMexico22.3 mbps6.6 mbps68 ms4.83 %
QuettaPakistan1.8 mbps0.5 mbps345 ms9.67 %
QuitoEcuador10.6 mbps8.7 mbps129 ms5.05 %
RabatMorocco7.9 mbps0.7 mbps61 ms5.96 %
RaipurIndia26.0 mbps6.9 mbps52 ms5.00 %
RajkotIndia14.3 mbps5.4 mbps55 ms4.65 %
RaleighUnited States131.8 mbps17.5 mbps19 ms0.82 %
RamallahPalestine5.9 mbps0.6 mbps124 ms12.51 %
RanchiIndia26.4 mbps22.4 mbps57 ms6.51 %
Rapid CityUnited States88.2 mbps11.7 mbps34 ms2.69 %
RatchaburiThailand10.7 mbps7.6 mbps49 ms9.35 %
RawalpindiPakistan2.7 mbps1.7 mbps313 ms15.82 %
RayongThailand71.9 mbps44.6 mbps32 ms1.16 %
ReadingUnited Kingdom45.0 mbps9.5 mbps10 ms2.07 %
ReadingUnited States108.1 mbps10.3 mbps26 ms0.60 %
RecifeBrazil22.5 mbps11.5 mbps72 ms4.99 %
ReddingUnited States69.8 mbps10.1 mbps25 ms1.02 %
ReginaCanada45.7 mbps6.4 mbps52 ms5.57 %
RennesFrance59.8 mbps32.8 mbps11 ms1.54 %
RenoUnited States89.6 mbps10.9 mbps31 ms0.96 %
RethymnoGreece31.0 mbps4.6 mbps19 ms2.17 %
ReykjavikIceland80.9 mbps23.2 mbps50 ms1.28 %
RhodesGreece27.5 mbps1.9 mbps16 ms0.26 %
RichlandUnited States64.9 mbps10.5 mbps20 ms0.82 %
RichmondUnited States107.8 mbps13.1 mbps13 ms0.63 %
RigaLatvia35.4 mbps7.9 mbps37 ms1.40 %
RijekaCroatia37.1 mbps9.8 mbps25 ms3.56 %
RiminiItaly26.7 mbps8.2 mbps27 ms1.75 %
Rio de JaneiroBrazil22.4 mbps8.4 mbps39 ms1.65 %
RishikeshIndia20.2 mbps13.8 mbps21 ms5.99 %
RiversideUnited States53.8 mbps9.8 mbps22 ms0.66 %
RiyadhSaudi Arabia13.6 mbps7.0 mbps147 ms1.18 %
Road TownBritish Virgin Islands20.0 mbps6.1 mbps64 ms8.95 %
RoanokeUnited States82.2 mbps8.8 mbps10 ms1.45 %
RochesterUnited States89.6 mbps10.8 mbps31 ms1.14 %
RockfordUnited States87.6 mbps11.2 mbps10 ms0.59 %
Rocky MountUnited States31.5 mbps5.1 mbps25 ms1.65 %
RogersUnited States116.2 mbps9.6 mbps28 ms1.82 %
RomeItaly30.0 mbps9.8 mbps24 ms0.68 %
RosarioArgentina20.0 mbps5.3 mbps25 ms2.95 %
Rostov-on-DonRussia39.7 mbps19.8 mbps82 ms3.32 %
RotterdamNetherlands55.4 mbps16.8 mbps12 ms1.38 %
RouenFrance49.5 mbps39.4 mbps10 ms1.70 %
RovaniemiFinland311.2 mbps18.0 mbps28 ms0.37 %
Rui'anChina5.5 mbps2.1 mbps291 ms11.85 %
SacramentoUnited States35.1 mbps6.0 mbps33 ms0.38 %
Saint HelierJersey14.7 mbps9.4 mbps37 ms0.58 %
SalayaThailand64.2 mbps33.4 mbps33 ms1.58 %
SalemUnited States96.3 mbps9.5 mbps14 ms1.25 %
SalentoColombia9.3 mbps9.1 mbps92 ms14.97 %
Salt Lake CityUnited States72.9 mbps11.8 mbps34 ms0.63 %
SaltaArgentina9.7 mbps3.5 mbps77 ms6.37 %
SalvadorBrazil18.2 mbps8.3 mbps67 ms3.89 %
SalzburgAustria32.1 mbps7.4 mbps24 ms3.20 %
SamaraRussia12.5 mbps9.8 mbps77 ms2.97 %
SamosGreece18.8 mbps3.3 mbps16 ms0.45 %
San AngeloUnited States56.4 mbps17.1 mbps16 ms1.71 %
San AntonioUnited States107.5 mbps11.6 mbps14 ms0.62 %
San ClementeUnited States127.8 mbps10.2 mbps8 ms1.22 %
San Cristóbal de las CasasMexico5.8 mbps1.7 mbps86 ms6.91 %
San DiegoUnited States82.1 mbps10.5 mbps12 ms0.75 %
San FranciscoUnited States65.8 mbps10.2 mbps11 ms0.42 %
San IgnacioBelize32.0 mbps3.1 mbps84 ms1.31 %
San JoseUnited States93.0 mbps10.7 mbps9 ms0.45 %
San JoséCosta Rica22.3 mbps3.9 mbps122 ms5.26 %
San JuanPuerto Rico31.4 mbps7.2 mbps47 ms1.90 %
San MateoUnited States118.9 mbps12.3 mbps8 ms0.40 %
San Miguel de AllendeMexico14.8 mbps4.0 mbps74 ms5.50 %
San Pedro SulaHonduras10.4 mbps4.7 mbps92 ms3.73 %
San SalvadorEl Salvador12.6 mbps3.6 mbps99 ms4.06 %
SandpointUnited States24.6 mbps6.1 mbps30 ms3.08 %
Santa BarbaraUnited States90.9 mbps8.0 mbps25 ms2.32 %
Santa CruzBolivia13.1 mbps4.5 mbps86 ms4.46 %
Santa FeUnited States67.0 mbps6.4 mbps37 ms2.50 %
Santa MariaUnited States85.2 mbps8.9 mbps26 ms0.33 %
Santa MartaColombia18.2 mbps5.5 mbps78 ms4.15 %
Santa RosaUnited States77.2 mbps10.6 mbps11 ms0.71 %
SantiagoChile13.9 mbps7.4 mbps31 ms1.91 %
Santiago de CaliColombia22.7 mbps8.4 mbps77 ms5.01 %
Santo DomingoDominican Republic4.6 mbps0.9 mbps44 ms10.86 %
SanurIndonesia12.1 mbps7.3 mbps31 ms7.00 %
Sao LuisBrazil11.8 mbps24.3 mbps150 ms7.35 %
SapporoJapan85.1 mbps47.0 mbps25 ms3.54 %
SarasotaUnited States99.7 mbps12.4 mbps14 ms0.53 %
SaratovRussia20.0 mbps11.2 mbps71 ms5.20 %
SargodhaPakistan1.2 mbps0.7 mbps337 ms11.87 %
SaskatoonCanada55.1 mbps8.4 mbps61 ms4.62 %
SavannahUnited States91.8 mbps11.4 mbps23 ms0.59 %
SchenectadyUnited States72.3 mbps9.6 mbps28 ms1.02 %
ScottsdaleUnited States86.2 mbps8.3 mbps18 ms1.88 %
ScrantonUnited States103.8 mbps8.3 mbps30 ms0.71 %
SeattleUnited States53.1 mbps6.4 mbps23 ms1.23 %
SemarangIndonesia10.9 mbps4.8 mbps28 ms4.97 %
SendaiJapan89.1 mbps57.3 mbps14 ms3.19 %
SeoulSouth Korea31.7 mbps7.8 mbps139 ms1.23 %
SevilleSpain48.4 mbps26.8 mbps25 ms1.67 %
ShanghaiChina6.7 mbps6.7 mbps290 ms7.28 %
ShantouChina12.4 mbps1.9 mbps307 ms0.61 %
ShaoxingChina1.8 mbps0.2 mbps288 ms20.72 %
SharjahUnited Arab Emirates8.3 mbps3.1 mbps220 ms6.42 %
SheffieldUnited Kingdom36.7 mbps8.1 mbps12 ms0.99 %
ShenyangChina10.1 mbps8.8 mbps140 ms15.76 %
ShenzhenChina10.2 mbps4.9 mbps315 ms7.23 %
ShijiazhuangChina21.5 mbps5.7 mbps307 ms0.69 %
ShreveportUnited States76.5 mbps11.3 mbps23 ms1.97 %
ShrewsburyUnited Kingdom31.6 mbps7.6 mbps14 ms2.33 %
Si RachaThailand89.7 mbps41.5 mbps33 ms1.41 %
SialkotPakistan2.3 mbps0.6 mbps368 ms13.98 %
SienaItaly23.6 mbps7.6 mbps30 ms1.83 %
SihanoukvilleCambodia1.5 mbps8.2 mbps37 ms7.31 %
SingaporeSingapore77.7 mbps27.5 mbps6 ms0.72 %
Sioux CityUnited States37.5 mbps8.8 mbps33 ms2.29 %
Sioux FallsUnited States92.6 mbps11.0 mbps33 ms3.12 %
SkopjeNorth Macedonia22.3 mbps5.7 mbps53 ms4.83 %
SliemaMalta21.2 mbps13.8 mbps62 ms2.86 %
SochiRussia31.9 mbps10.7 mbps116 ms8.99 %
SofiaBulgaria54.4 mbps14.2 mbps15 ms2.16 %
SoharOman6.2 mbps3.0 mbps115 ms1.94 %
SongkhlaThailand60.4 mbps31.2 mbps43 ms1.43 %
SorocabaBrazil30.0 mbps8.8 mbps48 ms2.02 %
SouthamptonUnited Kingdom37.2 mbps9.2 mbps11 ms2.27 %
SowetoSouth Africa19.1 mbps7.7 mbps6 ms3.23 %
SparksUnited States87.0 mbps11.1 mbps32 ms0.75 %
SplitCroatia64.9 mbps8.4 mbps21 ms3.17 %
SpokaneUnited States87.1 mbps7.4 mbps15 ms2.04 %
Spokane ValleyUnited States7.9 mbps1.3 mbps9 ms0.21 %
SpringdaleUnited States117.3 mbps11.8 mbps23 ms2.42 %
SpringfieldUnited States70.1 mbps11.0 mbps21 ms1.14 %
SrinagarIndia12.6 mbps2.4 mbps46 ms1.26 %
St John'sAntigua and Barbuda8.1 mbps7.4 mbps111 ms6.34 %
St. CatharinesCanada61.7 mbps9.4 mbps19 ms2.72 %
St. CloudUnited States130.4 mbps10.5 mbps22 ms1.78 %
St. GallenSwitzerland22.2 mbps4.6 mbps24 ms7.27 %
St. GeorgeUnited States47.7 mbps9.0 mbps27 ms2.33 %
StamfordUnited States156.5 mbps22.3 mbps9 ms1.61 %
StockholmSweden68.8 mbps14.7 mbps19 ms0.50 %
StocktonUnited States50.2 mbps8.2 mbps16 ms0.74 %
StrasbourgFrance70.4 mbps21.8 mbps18 ms1.07 %
StuttgartGermany29.1 mbps7.4 mbps22 ms1.45 %
SurabayaIndonesia9.0 mbps4.2 mbps32 ms9.24 %
SurakartaIndonesia10.4 mbps4.0 mbps37 ms5.71 %
SuratIndia24.7 mbps10.7 mbps27 ms4.35 %
Surat ThaniThailand90.6 mbps41.1 mbps39 ms1.08 %
SurreyCanada88.4 mbps32.2 mbps11 ms0.80 %
SuvaFiji10.6 mbps8.5 mbps89 ms1.59 %
SuwonSouth Korea25.6 mbps21.5 mbps69 ms2.99 %
SuzhouChina10.6 mbps6.8 mbps298 ms4.82 %
SydneyAustralia32.5 mbps8.3 mbps10 ms0.80 %
SyracuseUnited States65.3 mbps9.8 mbps36 ms0.61 %
SzczecinPoland21.1 mbps11.5 mbps33 ms0.11 %
São José dos CamposBrazil36.9 mbps17.3 mbps16 ms2.27 %
São PauloBrazil37.3 mbps16.8 mbps12 ms2.07 %
TabrizIran0.8 mbps0.3 mbps132 ms22.35 %
TaichungTaiwan30.3 mbps8.5 mbps10 ms1.71 %
TaipeiTaiwan44.0 mbps14.9 mbps16 ms1.27 %
TaiyuanChina10.8 mbps6.6 mbps303 ms3.47 %
TaizhouChina12.5 mbps4.3 mbps293 ms3.34 %
TallahasseeUnited States82.7 mbps11.2 mbps22 ms0.78 %
TallinnEstonia29.7 mbps7.6 mbps19 ms0.73 %
TampaUnited States54.2 mbps8.4 mbps35 ms1.48 %
TampereFinland45.0 mbps11.1 mbps44 ms1.98 %
TangierMorocco7.1 mbps0.7 mbps59 ms5.11 %
TangshanChina19.6 mbps15.2 mbps319 ms10.19 %
TaosUnited States40.7 mbps12.3 mbps37 ms5.67 %
TarifaSpain52.6 mbps40.4 mbps26 ms0.86 %
TartuEstonia26.7 mbps11.0 mbps53 ms10.86 %
TashkentUzbekistan3.0 mbps1.8 mbps300 ms9.72 %
TbilisiGeorgia18.4 mbps5.0 mbps81 ms5.21 %
TegucigalpaHonduras13.3 mbps4.3 mbps99 ms3.15 %
TehranIran6.2 mbps1.7 mbps142 ms1.73 %
Tel AvivIsrael21.8 mbps2.8 mbps113 ms3.62 %
TemeculaUnited States97.5 mbps16.9 mbps11 ms0.57 %
TempleUnited States89.3 mbps12.3 mbps15 ms0.52 %
Terre HauteUnited States80.7 mbps9.0 mbps31 ms1.11 %
ThaneIndia18.6 mbps11.1 mbps12 ms6.38 %
The HagueNetherlands69.2 mbps23.0 mbps9 ms1.02 %
ThessalonikiGreece12.3 mbps4.0 mbps23 ms2.12 %
ThrissurIndia17.7 mbps3.2 mbps36 ms2.67 %
TianjinChina4.5 mbps5.8 mbps315 ms13.73 %
TijuanaMexico25.2 mbps6.4 mbps21 ms3.65 %
TilburgNetherlands80.1 mbps26.3 mbps10 ms1.39 %
TiranaAlbania39.8 mbps4.7 mbps47 ms3.37 %
TirupurIndia10.6 mbps1.7 mbps48 ms0.50 %
TokyoJapan55.4 mbps8.3 mbps23 ms0.86 %
ToledoUnited States52.7 mbps4.8 mbps31 ms4.01 %
TolucaMexico18.2 mbps4.3 mbps85 ms5.83 %
TomskRussia10.0 mbps8.0 mbps298 ms9.69 %
TopekaUnited States76.6 mbps10.1 mbps32 ms2.87 %
TorontoCanada64.7 mbps10.0 mbps16 ms0.91 %
TorreonMexico18.2 mbps4.7 mbps25 ms1.64 %
ToulouseFrance64.3 mbps30.1 mbps39 ms1.74 %
TracyUnited States114.5 mbps13.1 mbps13 ms0.47 %
TrentoItaly29.7 mbps8.4 mbps14 ms0.14 %
TrevisoItaly25.3 mbps8.1 mbps39 ms3.16 %
TrierGermany47.6 mbps11.0 mbps14 ms1.04 %
TriesteItaly30.2 mbps10.4 mbps29 ms2.94 %
TripoliLibya5.1 mbps2.9 mbps90 ms1.67 %
TrondheimNorway69.1 mbps30.0 mbps19 ms1.76 %
TucsonUnited States58.1 mbps5.9 mbps20 ms2.02 %
TulareUnited States51.9 mbps8.0 mbps22 ms0.89 %
TulsaUnited States66.5 mbps8.3 mbps26 ms2.53 %
TulumMexico17.9 mbps6.1 mbps54 ms6.99 %
TulumMexico17.9 mbps6.1 mbps54 ms6.99 %
TunisTunisia6.1 mbps0.6 mbps55 ms5.42 %
TurinItaly34.1 mbps12.2 mbps13 ms0.31 %
TurkuFinland88.6 mbps14.0 mbps32 ms0.79 %
TurlockUnited States75.1 mbps10.4 mbps26 ms0.84 %
TuscaloosaUnited States91.5 mbps11.7 mbps19 ms1.49 %
TylerUnited States92.6 mbps15.4 mbps11 ms0.62 %
UbeJapan92.2 mbps61.5 mbps26 ms3.36 %
UbudIndonesia12.9 mbps3.6 mbps35 ms2.63 %
Udon ThaniThailand20.1 mbps8.8 mbps87 ms4.07 %
UfaRussia25.5 mbps13.5 mbps67 ms4.92 %
UlyanovskRussia44.4 mbps28.5 mbps57 ms2.62 %
UshuaiaArgentina8.6 mbps1.8 mbps69 ms8.93 %
UticaUnited States85.1 mbps10.4 mbps29 ms0.82 %
UtrechtNetherlands63.0 mbps14.4 mbps8 ms0.80 %
VadodaraIndia16.0 mbps4.1 mbps47 ms4.93 %
ValdostaUnited States80.6 mbps18.6 mbps16 ms0.92 %
ValenciaSpain63.1 mbps31.3 mbps23 ms1.39 %
ValparaísoChile52.0 mbps33.1 mbps27 ms2.00 %
VancouverCanada77.6 mbps16.6 mbps12 ms1.09 %
VaranasiIndia11.9 mbps2.8 mbps63 ms4.39 %
VarkalaIndia4.2 mbps0.5 mbps193 ms2.34 %
VarnaBulgaria52.8 mbps12.9 mbps16 ms0.68 %
VasaiIndia11.2 mbps9.2 mbps6 ms3.66 %
Vasco da GamaIndia11.2 mbps2.5 mbps156 ms3.48 %
Veliko TarnovoBulgaria91.5 mbps42.4 mbps13 ms0.07 %
VeniceItaly33.3 mbps10.3 mbps32 ms2.80 %
VerdiUnited States230.4 mbps123.0 mbps10 ms1.54 %
VeronaItaly29.7 mbps10.1 mbps22 ms0.78 %
VictoriaCanada85.3 mbps22.0 mbps12 ms1.13 %
VictoriaSeychelles3.2 mbps0.3 mbps233 ms9.43 %
VictoriaUnited States77.7 mbps13.7 mbps17 ms1.29 %
VictorvilleUnited States137.7 mbps11.3 mbps10 ms0.17 %
ViennaAustria30.6 mbps7.5 mbps29 ms1.47 %
VientianeLaos7.6 mbps5.7 mbps76 ms1.90 %
VijayawadaIndia12.6 mbps3.3 mbps43 ms1.75 %
Vila Nova de GaiaPortugal54.8 mbps22.2 mbps23 ms0.96 %
VilniusLithuania32.2 mbps9.7 mbps42 ms0.95 %
VinelandUnited States150.8 mbps11.4 mbps12 ms0.54 %
Virginia BeachUnited States101.6 mbps10.2 mbps12 ms1.49 %
VisakhapatnamIndia13.9 mbps3.9 mbps46 ms2.48 %
VisaliaUnited States70.2 mbps10.5 mbps17 ms0.83 %
VistaUnited States87.9 mbps10.1 mbps11 ms1.98 %
VitóriaBrazil34.6 mbps14.8 mbps33 ms3.45 %
Viña del MarChile53.2 mbps8.8 mbps30 ms2.26 %
VladivostokRussia17.9 mbps7.4 mbps137 ms2.44 %
VolgogradRussia21.2 mbps13.5 mbps86 ms5.73 %
WacoUnited States105.6 mbps14.0 mbps13 ms0.45 %
WanakaNew Zealand34.5 mbps26.4 mbps19 ms2.26 %
Warner RobinsUnited States114.1 mbps9.7 mbps8 ms0.99 %
WarsawPoland40.7 mbps8.9 mbps34 ms1.06 %
WashingtonUnited States77.8 mbps10.2 mbps11 ms0.65 %
WaterlooCanada57.2 mbps10.4 mbps16 ms2.49 %
WaterlooUnited States64.5 mbps10.6 mbps26 ms1.28 %
WaukeganUnited States77.3 mbps11.0 mbps9 ms0.74 %
WeifangChina13.2 mbps0.8 mbps283 ms1.98 %
WellingtonNew Zealand85.4 mbps36.1 mbps17 ms0.68 %
WenlingChina1.2 mbps2.2 mbps247 ms11.18 %
WenzhouChina3.2 mbps2.2 mbps284 ms17.84 %
West Palm BeachUnited States96.8 mbps11.6 mbps14 ms0.73 %
WestonUnited States89.4 mbps10.3 mbps12 ms1.63 %
WhistlerCanada44.7 mbps7.7 mbps17 ms3.09 %
WichitaUnited States97.8 mbps9.8 mbps25 ms2.20 %
Wichita FallsUnited States72.7 mbps9.9 mbps21 ms0.65 %
WillemstadCuraçao23.1 mbps5.0 mbps112 ms4.66 %
WilmingtonUnited States95.5 mbps10.8 mbps18 ms0.62 %
WindhoekNamibia5.2 mbps1.5 mbps67 ms1.52 %
WindsorCanada93.0 mbps14.8 mbps21 ms1.53 %
WinnipegCanada69.4 mbps10.3 mbps42 ms1.52 %
WinstonUnited States29.2 mbps5.8 mbps36 ms2.65 %
WollongongAustralia32.2 mbps11.5 mbps10 ms0.52 %
WorcesterUnited States82.0 mbps10.1 mbps24 ms0.56 %
WuhanChina5.5 mbps3.8 mbps303 ms7.28 %
WuxiChina15.4 mbps8.3 mbps287 ms6.23 %
XiamenChina24.4 mbps15.4 mbps293 ms5.73 %
XiningChina75.5 mbps27.3 mbps146 ms10.35 %
XuzhouChina21.7 mbps11.7 mbps277 ms1.29 %
YakimaUnited States56.9 mbps8.3 mbps14 ms0.52 %
YangonMyanmar8.4 mbps4.9 mbps190 ms11.44 %
YangzhouChina15.8 mbps19.9 mbps291 ms3.60 %
YantaiChina0.6 mbps14.0 mbps310 ms7.15 %
YekaterinburgRussia20.7 mbps11.3 mbps72 ms5.02 %
YerevanArmenia18.7 mbps7.9 mbps103 ms7.42 %
YichangChina8.1 mbps0.0 mbps316 ms2.69 %
YinchuanChina8.0 mbps0.9 mbps295 ms1.27 %
YiwuChina7.7 mbps8.7 mbps268 ms5.48 %
YogyakartaIndonesia11.3 mbps4.0 mbps28 ms6.98 %
YokohamaJapan86.8 mbps51.5 mbps10 ms2.57 %
YorkUnited Kingdom36.0 mbps9.0 mbps19 ms2.82 %
YoungstownUnited States84.8 mbps9.8 mbps34 ms0.71 %
Yuba CityUnited States69.8 mbps6.9 mbps14 ms0.29 %
YumaUnited States55.1 mbps8.9 mbps16 ms0.45 %
ZadarCroatia11.4 mbps8.0 mbps17 ms0.16 %
ZagrebCroatia30.3 mbps9.5 mbps23 ms3.80 %
ZandvoortNetherlands54.2 mbps21.9 mbps9 ms1.25 %
ZariaNigeria36.6 mbps10.7 mbps137 ms8.26 %
ZhangjiagangChina15.5 mbps0.4 mbps304 ms16.75 %
ZhangjiakouChina3.8 mbps3.4 mbps116 ms6.83 %
ZhangzhouChina3.9 mbps0.1 mbps77 ms1.22 %
ZhanjiangChina9.1 mbps9.2 mbps328 ms11.84 %
ZhengzhouChina6.8 mbps5.9 mbps304 ms5.28 %
ZhongshanChina21.9 mbps5.6 mbps305 ms2.94 %
ZhoukouChina12.5 mbps5.9 mbps305 ms6.01 %
ZhuhaiChina1.7 mbps1.7 mbps316 ms1.88 %
ZiboChina0.8 mbps6.6 mbps347 ms17.32 %
ZurichSwitzerland54.5 mbps11.5 mbps27 ms0.22 %
ZwolleNetherlands75.3 mbps27.6 mbps9 ms1.07 %